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Is the Thermo-Disc the right solution for you?

Concerned about your septic system freezing? Continue reading to find out more about Thermo-Disc.

The simplest and most cost effective way to protect your septic system from freezeing.
Find out if our patent pending technology will work for you, or your customer's septic systems

The Thermo-Disc is designed to insulate the manhole opening of a septic tank or pump tank. Many local units of goverment are now requiring that the manhole covers be at the surface for new systems and also requireing this for point of sale inspections. Having your manholes covers at the surface are neccasary for proper cleaning and inspection. If your manholes are at the surface and you live in a cold weather climate, your system could be at risk of freezing. If your manhole cover(s) are buried more than 1' below the ground surface or you live in an area that that typically does not have frost in the ground, then you will likely not benefit from installing a Thermo-Disc. The standard Thermo-Disc is designed to fit in a manhole riser that are between 23.5" and 23.25" in diameter and is not intended to replace a manhole cover or to be a secondary fall restraint.

If you are uncertian if this is a solution will work for you, please see our our FAQ page or contact one of our experts who will be happy to answer you questions.

Innovative Thermo Solutions also provides customized Thermo-Discs to fit or work in just any size opening you need insulated, contact one of our design team members for a quote or to discuss your needs.

Image of the Thermo-Disc in action, providing septic tank freeze protection.

The most effective way to prevent your
septic system from freezing