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The Thermo-Disc Provides a solution to a common deficiency that causes septic systems to freeze

With over 25 years of experience in design, inspection, service and repair of septic systems, the founder of the Thermo-Disc has identified a deficiency that commonly causes septic systems to freeze and has created a solution. Our field testing has revealed that the majority of systems that were freezing were losing heat from the tank riser(s) and manhole cover(s). The Thermo-Disc has been designed to be installed as deep as practical in the riser, preferably to the tank lid, and provides an air-tight seal in most cases to prevent the cold air from dropping into the tank.

home owners, prevent costly backups due to a frozen septic system.
Easy installation and requires no electricity

Have a frozen septic system or want to prepare your septic system for winter? Order now to prevent your septic system from freezing.

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Prevent Your Septic System
From Freezing